So now all we had to do was wait for the afternoon qualifying session but true to form this was cancelled by downtime after some drama of the Pro teams. This meant that Nosferatu had only one chance left to qualify and as the field was over subscribed we had to make sure we made it. The dial in falls to Pugsley and he knew that we could not break out but with a new softer tune in the motor where would we be? Old data showed us that the tune would be about a 7.40 but what if we had lucked on a super perfect tune? So we dialled a super conservative 7.25 and ran a 7.46 that was good enough for number 23 spot. Considering the rest of the field had had seven qualifiers and we had one, number 23 was good enough.
We followed the normal routines after the run, oil was fine and temperatures were spot on so we re-fuelled put the batteries on charge and waited for the first round of eliminations. We were paired against John Atkinson who we know are super consistent and very professional racers. So based on our only qualifying run we dialled in a 7.46. Burnout was much better than the qualifier and we came to stage. John had a head start of about 1.5 seconds and when my green light came on I hit the throttle and Nosferatu started heading for the wall (again!). This time I gave a big lift of the throttle and took my time to bring the car straight (memories of hitting that wall before came flooding back) and I knew I had already lost the race so I took my time before mashing the pedal again. We ran a 8.81 at 177mph.
We left the meeting with only two runs but no damage, no broken bits and no crashes, fantastic result. The whole team had a great time we had hundreds of visitors to our pits, sold loads of tee shirts, loads of positive comments and so many people saying they were so glad to see us back.
Special thanks has to go to LA Racing Parts for help in getting our new front end, Hauser Race Cars for fitting it in time, Nick Bolton for so much help (and more to come), The Dark Cult for the tee shirts and The Gothic Shop for their support. Also extra special thanks to Ben McReady for being our first "name on the car" sponsor who is building his first drag race car.
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Sparks and Igor prepare Nosferatu for our only shot at qualifying
... from the Main Event