On Friday (01/04/2011) we had the news from Joe that he will be shipping the front end out of his workshop on Friday April 8th to Lee's depot in the USA where it can be loaded into the container. If we can trust this shipping date it may take a couple of days to get to the depot, after this there will be a week or so before the container is full of additional parts, fuel, oil etc. Shipping to the UK takes 10 days so by the time the front end is in my hands we are looking at the end of April at best!

Once we actually have the front in our grubby mitts there will be a lot of work to do to get it to fit, cut out for headers, Dzus's for bonnet, tree inside to mount to the chassis then finally paint and graphics. It has been a frustrating wait and to finally resign ourselves to the fact that we will miss the first meeting has been a depressing announcement to make, so not such a good start to our "Back to haunt you tour" of 2011. But our team are seriously committed to getting back out as soon as possible, to once again waken our beast, shatter the eardrums of our fans and scare the pants off our competition. Watch this space.

The Fearless Count

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