Oh woe is me, oh woe, woe, woe. Nosferatu will miss the Easter Thunderball. We still have no front end for our Dark Master.

In September 2010 we made contact with the original builder of Nosferatu (back then Nosferatu looked more like a 1970's disco queen), a chap called Joe Van Overbeek who has a workshop in Canada. Joe was one of the first chassis builders to start using carbon fibre and has built many high spec cars (Google him!). Our Firebird has a stretched wheelbase meaning that the front end is not a direct copy of the production car, also the front is unique to Joe so we couldn't go to other builders to get one made. Also, our broken front end was in such bad condition and in so many parts it was not possible to stick it back together to make a mould for a new one, so we had to rely on Joe. In October we sent Joe the cash, a rather large wedge of it, to start work on the replacement carbon front end and whilst this was being made I began some cosmetic improvements (see video blogs on this site). Each month we contacted Joe for updates to discover he was extremely hard to get hold of, rarely returned calls and as he has no website or e-mail address we had to rely on the phone. When I say we I am generally referring to Lee Childs of LA Racing Parts who has been an outstanding supporter of Nosferatu's journey to recovery, Lee has been chasing and organizing the shipping to the UK, when the front end is ready.

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Nosferatu's original colours were more 1970s disco queen than evil vampire!