Based on our data, the 9% overdrive on the blower and jetting settings should be good for 7.40s at about 185mph. Our first qualifying run was a 7.74 at a slowing 161mph, damn, we haven't solved the problem.

After our last meeting Mina had produced a spreadsheet model so we could log the jet settings and calculate the total jet area (she's very clever like that) and according to a baseline with 6% overdrive the tune should work. The EGTs (exhaust gas temperatures) from the data logger showed that cylinders 2, 4 and 1 were going out and cooling by over 300 degrees. Number 3 cylinder was cooling but by a lesser degree. The remaining cylinders were fine and showing the normal temperature curve during the run but the engine revs stopped climbing in second gear at about 5500rpm and dropping off at the finish line. For the next qualifying run we dialled closer to the previous run and broke out by 0.02 seconds. The last qualifying run we improved to number 8 but still quite a way from our dial in. In between rounds we made a significant step change in the jetting to see if we could find a direction to go but even these changes made little difference so maybe we are actually looking in the wrong place! What is confusing is that Nosferatu leaves the line strongly (just as before) and all through first gear he pulls with no issues up to 7400rpm to the gear change, after this the revs climb for a second then level off with cylinders cooling. It's very frustrating.

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National Finals 2011
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