We made it to the final round of the National Finals at Santa Pod, the best finish for the team EVER with Nosferatu. What a great way to end a season that was a struggle to start.

Mina, Wednesday and I arrived late afternoon at The Pod to find an almost empty pit area, what a contrast to the European Finals two weeks ago. The weather was good and the wind calm so it was quite simple to put up the tent and get ourselves ready for the morning. Unfortunately scrutineering was closed so we would need to do that in the morning.

The team met at the gate at 7:30am and we had Nosferatu through scrutineering, back to the pit and ready for warm up by 8:30am. Now, the observant will have noticed that we have not been running expected times recently and the team have been scratching their heads trying to understand what is going on and why can't we get a sweet tune on the motor. Our problem is that at the 1/8th mile Nosferatu noses over big time and crosses the finish line at least 30mph slower than he should, in fact getting slower at the finish line than at 1000 ft. The weekend after the Euro Finals Igor, Sparks and I stripped and inspected the fuel system as jetting changes seemed to make little difference and we found that the injectors were not correctly aligned to the ports so we thought we had found the problem.

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National Finals 2011